Irritating Plant of the Month February- oh my poor(ly) Coronilla

This month is not about an irritating plant, I am not irritated by it, I am lamenting for my Coronilla glauca citrina.
I am pretty sure it is dead.  Not only do I think it is dead but I have not taken a contingency cutting from it so I have no replacement.

This shrub is such a favourite of mine, it flowers for probably ten or eleven months of the year.  It gives out the most sweetest scent and it just an all-round joy.

So much of a joy that in 2015 it won the Blackberry Garden Plant of the Year Award.  So I truly hope it is not really dead, I truly hope there is a spark of life deep within it.  A spark that will survive the forthcoming week of deep cold we have been promised.

Oh Coronilla, please get through this 'nearly dead' phase quickly and get back to your wonderful best.

Failing that, I will have an opportunity for something new in that space fairly soon - there's always a silver lining..... (oh so quickly she moved on.....)


  1. Wishing your Coronilla better - I haven't grown it but it was one of my favourites in the Capel Manor Gardens where I trained. Always a bee magnet in the spring ...

    1. Thanks- I think this burst of cold weather might be the final nail in the coffin I fear.

  2. My coronilla is identical to yours. About 5 years old, always flowering, but think the recent cold snaps have done it in......I will get another and put it in a slightly more sheltered spot 😞


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