Tree Following January 2018 - Buddy

All in the garden is totally saturated at the moment following day after day of on and off rain.  We are just about to head into a very cold period and there will be a spell of frosty nights.  Within all this cold and rain, the quinces Major and Minor stand twiggly on the cusp of spring.
Well, maybe not on the cusp of spring as there is a good couple of months of winter to get through yet, but they are looking at the cusp if they squint at the horizon very intently.
Quince Minor, who is entering his second year of being in the garden, is showing signs that life will return in spring.  Last year Minor was hit hard by the late frost in April and failed to blossom never mind quince.  I shall be anxiously hoping that this year it will do better.
Quince Major entered puberty and produced his first quince, this was very exciting and this year I shall hope for at least two quinces.  I don't think that is too much pressure or asking too much, I just want two quinces, two little chubby furry quinces.
The buds look hopeful to me,
but then I am an optimistic soul at the best of times.

I did suggest that I might follow a new tree in the new year, but I would not want my quinces to feel neglected, so the Quest for a Quince 2018 is on.

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