Coniferous pepper pots

I remember clearly the first time I saw a conifer tree 'smoke' with pollen blowing on the breeze during spring.  I remain fascinated when I see this happening and it was probably a key moment when my general dislike of conifers started to be chipped away at.  Suddenly the dull green cone-shaped trees that I thought were unchanging through the seasons, had a moment of interest.

Currently in the Courtyard I have a couple of conifers growing in containers: there is a variegated Crytomeria sekkan sugi, which I have had for a few years now.  It is not a tall tree and is slow growing and so perfect to be in a container.  In many ways it is a double-horror to me, conifer and variegated, yet it is a great addition to the Courtyard as it brightens up this shady space.
There is also a 'spare' cypress tree (just by the side of the Crytomeria) which was left over from when I planted up the front garden.  It was a bit poorly for a while so I bunged it in a pot (specialist gardening technical term) and put it in the Courtyard.  There is sits, not doing a huge amount, but I am happy enough with it.

Imagine my joy when I realise that both are getting ready to flower.
Tiny little peppercorn strobilus are forming.  They are so cute and also just a little bit exciting.
I am in danger of getting fascinated by conifers, I have to beware such a turn of events, I might become a conifer convert.


  1. Why do so many people dislike conifers? I’m in the same camp, I’m really not fussed about them. I blame the 1970s and inappropriately planted leylandii! I just bought a couple of Cephalotaxus harringtonii (plum yew) so I may be converting too…

    1. I think you’re right, it’s badly planted conifers that get them a bad name. Though I’ve also always thought them boring - just green limos - but my view is changing.

  2. I do like conifers, but that cloud of pollen wouldn't be popular with the OH - he gets bad hayfever!

    1. I suffer too, but I still like watching it happen.


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