Product Review - Seedball: Poppies and more

Many months ago I was approached by Seedball to see if I would like to trial some of their seedballs.  I was aware of the brand and I was intrigued by the product, so I happily said yes.  Whilst I have not paid for these seeds, as ever my opinions and words are my own.
I chose to try a tin of poppy seeds and one of their 500g bags of Seedball Oddballs of wildflowers.  As you can see in the bag, they are not 'seeds' as you would usually expect to see them.  They are actually small balls of clay, peat-free compost, a tiny bit of chilli powder (to deter predators) and the chosen seeds.
You pop them onto the soil where you want them to grow, water them and stand back.  The seedball slowly degrades as it is rained upon and therefore the seeds have the best chance of germinating.
I popped most of mine into pots as then I could keep an eye on them to see if they were actually growing.  I did not want to mix them up with what I already grow.  You can see here that we had a late frost in April when these were started, so they had quite a challenge first off.
They accepted the challenge and carried on regardless, these poppy seedlings soon appeared.
Some weeks later I had poppies in flower.
and the Oddballs were leading to wildflowers that were quickly appreciated by the pollinators in the garden.
Fast forward to now and the seedballs are still doing their thing.  These forget-me-not seedlings are getting ready for spring.

I have really enjoyed growing these seedballs.  An added bonus is that they are nicely shaped roundalls that are perfect for young children to plant as they are easy to handle.  Best of all, they work, the seeds germinated and became good strong plants.  The tins make wonderful presents and now is the time to be thinking about seeds for next year.  A seedball tin costs £5.99, the bulk bags vary from £25 to £50 depending on mix.  They also do a variety of different gift options.


  1. Interesting to see that this works. In our country I have not yet seen seedballs for sale in gardencentres.

  2. They look like a great idea and product!


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