Plant Rescue- its a pre-christmas tradition

Its that time of year again when I am wandering around singing 'tradition!' like I've just been watching Fiddler on the Roof.....

.......because for the past five years or so on the run up to christmas, I go to a local food fair and buy fudge and crisps and this year lots of pie and scotch eggs and then I wander down to a nearby garden centre.  I usually amuse myself by taking photos of cactii dressed as Santa and glittery succulents and then I move on to the 'rescue me' plant table and buy a bargain plant or two.

This year was only slightly different in that I saw no glittery plants and no cactii Santas, but they did have these cactii that had flowers stuck on them.
Admittedly stuck on flowers are not my thing, but at least they are clearly labelled as stuck on and who can resist anything that is better than the real thing?  ok, I can, but if you are not a confident plant owner and this guarantees colour then actually if it encourages you to own a plant you would not have done so otherwise then maybe it is not that bad a thing.
I was very amused by these three on the reindeer, is that a victory sign the elf on the end is making?

But, most importantly is the 'rescue me' plant table.  Now this is a very good garden centre and it has probably one of the most extensive house plant departments I have ever seen, so the 'rescue table' is always good and has some great bargains.

This year I fell for this Tibouchina urvilleana, a bargain half price and looking pretty healthy too.
It has been given a drink of water and popped into the conservatory to over-winter.

Yes there is a tiny something by the side of it.
A tiny, slightly furry something.  It wasn't on the 'rescue me' table, but on the 'buy me you know you want to' table.  It could not be resisted.  No idea what it is, but it is cute and will be repotted soon.

In case you were wondering, every plant I have bought from their 'rescue me' table has survived and flourished, it's a good table.

I wonder what I will buy next year?


  1. I do love a mooch in the Nearly Dead Corner (as you know), but only outside plants - I kill houseplants at an alarming rate so am the last person they'd want to be rescued by!

    1. I’m not very good with houseplants- they are a bit needy - but I like to try :)

  2. Hi Alison, your special find is a Cotyledon tomentosa - a lovely little succulent shrub sometimes called Bear's Paw.


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