A snowy few days

It seems like quite a long time since we last had any serious snow in this corner of Leicestershire.  Last year we had a couple of snowy days, but not to any great depth or scale.  Last Sunday the forecast did what it promised to do, it snowed.
Back up a day though, on the lead up to Sunday it was very cold, some areas had snow a couple of days before and on Saturday we had what is best described as a small fluttering.  It was very cold and the flakes did not move all day.  This meant that any snow that arrived overnight was pretty certain to settle.
Settle it did and snow it did, it did not really stop snowing all day.  The garden turned monochrome.
The sky stayed grey and any colour that was present leached away.
The garden responded to the snow by flattening down in the Prairie Borders.
and the trees raising their arms to catch the snow and be silhouettes.
The Contorted Hazel, that I only wrote about the other day, looks magnificently like a windswept head of hair.
Whereas the Iford Cherry looks like it is hiding its head under its wing (poor thing), or maybe dabbing?
The edgeworthia, whom I anxiously watch every winter, is not making my anxiety any less as I see it covered in snow.  This anxiety has now gone into overdrive as the temperatures on the Monday night plummeted to -8  I really hope that its snowy coat protected it from the worst of this deep freeze.
As it was Sunday and I had nowhere to be, I enjoyed this snowy interlude, though at the back of my mind I wondered how the drive to work would be the next day.  The snow lasted until the Wednesday when the rains chased away the last of it.  Apparently it was the most snow in seven years and I cannot help but wonder how harsh a winter we are due.


  1. Beautiful photos Alison, we also had a lot of snow, it started snowing on Sunday and it did not stop until Monday night, then came the rain and it changed into a slippery mass. By now it´s all green again and very wet..... Pfft, what more shall we get, the winter has not yet even started....
    Regards, Janneke

    1. It’s only really thawed today here - but now just about gone. I’m wondering if we’re in for a hard winter.

  2. Our snow was not deep but what there was lasted for days. We are still getting occasional flutters but most places are wet now so it no longer settles. Surprising pockets of ice.

    1. Very icy here too - ice has been more troublesome than the snow!

  3. We got off lightly here in London, not surprisingly, although I think the outskirts had a fair bit of snow. There was just one day when snow settled heavily - about 4 inches on the top of my car! Most of it was gone the next day but big clumps in the garden took a couple of days to disappear. Now it's just blimmin cold! I hope January won't get even colder.


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