Irritating Plant of the Month - November 2017

or - the wrong sorbus.

I used to have a very lovely Sorbus cashmeiriana, but it up and died last year which was rather a shame.  Except it was not quite dead, so I decided to buy a new sorbus but wait a little before buying a direct replacement; I bought a very lovely Sorbus Joseph Rock.

I planted the tree and waited for it to flower, which it very obligingly did in this its first year.

I waited for the berries to form, which they obligingly did.

I waited for the berries to colour up, which they obligingly did and I posted a proud photograph of my beautiful little tree.
It is a very beautiful tree, but it is not a Joseph Rock as someone pointed out to me.  The berries should be yellow.

This is a bit irritating, but at the end of the day it is still a beautiful tree.  I might just have to buy a Joseph Rock though now....