Autumn skies at Easton Walled Gardens

Last weekend I went to Easton Walled Gardens to peruse their Artisan Food Fair that was taking place.  I perused and purchased (many chocolate brownies are now nestling in the freezer in the hope I might not eat them all before christmas).  The fair was good and I thoroughly enjoyed it, but as ever the event was just a prod to me to go and visit what is one of my favourite gardens.
It was mid afternoon when I arrived, which meant that the skies were already getting tired and heaving and rolling the clouds around.  The sun was getting low and the swirls of cloud and blue made for a dramatic scene.
I stood, as usual, at my favourite spot to look out over the walled garden.  I am not sure I could ever tire of this view.
I cannot remember when I have visited Easton this late in the year before, I am not sure that I have, so the autumn colours against the sometimes blue sky were a revelation.  The orchard of small cherry trees was at its perfect autumn moment.
I was also very interested in the new beds that are being developed in the White Garden.  I shall be fascinated to see what they look like next year.  I do love the tempting prospect of a new bit of garden.
I said hello to my favourite tree, I always stand in front of this tree for a moment when I visit, it is the most beautiful larch and the colour of the house shining in the late sun in the background complement it perfectly.
It was a real treat to visit Easton during autumn.  As with any garden each season brings its own special magic.  I left already thinking excitedly about Snowdrop Week  17-25 February 2018, for me this is a must-do visit.