Tree following October 2017 - getting chubby

Oh the joys of writing about an actual quince, after all these years of waiting: to not only have a quince, but then I get to watch it develop and ripen.

Well, I say ripen, here's the rub.  People keep asking me when I will pick it, when will it be ripe?  Well how would I know!  It is my first!  So I turned to the oracle (RHS website) which tells me that:

"Fruit are ready to harvest in October or Novemberwhen they have turned from a light yellow to a golden colour and are extremely aromatic. Only pick undamaged quinces, storing them in a cool, dry and dark place on shallow trays."  RHS

This gave me comfort as I can see that the quince is now changing.  At first I thought it had reached a stage and was not going to get any bigger.
But now, as I check in on it frequently, I can see that it is getting rather chubby.  It is developing middle-aged spread and has what is best described as 'girth'.
It is definitely getting rounder.
Now when I do pick it, what am I going to do with it?  Now there is a question for another time......

........ but remember that episode of the Great British Bake Off where a contestant gilded a pear?

Thanks as ever to SquirrelBasket, the guardian of the followed trees.