End of Month Review - September 2017

It feels like autumn has arrived early and suddenly this year.  Almost as September started it felt like the season had turned.  There has been much rain, mist and thankfully some mild nights and sunnyish days.  The nights are rolling in quickly and as ever, despite it happening every year, the dark nights seem sooner and longer already.
I have continued my tidy up of the hedges and driveway.  The nettles and brambles have been cleared away around the shrubs and they all seem to be breathing a little happier.
The Pin Oak I bought a few years ago now it just starting to take on its autumn colour.
The Knot Garden is in need of some weeding, but is looking ok.  The Cypress trees have settled in and are growing quickly now.
The border at the front of the house has been more colourful this year and I have been happier with it than I have previously.
Around to the back and the container plants are enjoying the recent rain.  They will be bought under cover as soon as the temperature drops a little further.  It is a daily check now to make sure there is not cold on the way.
Bearing in mind I am growing wedding flowers for my daughter have I mentioned this?  oh surely I have?......), I really need the nights to stay mild for a couple weeks more.
In the garden the sedums and perennial sunflowers are flowering well, they add great structure and colour.

It had just finished raining when I took these pictures so everything was a worn down by rain but looking quite bright even in the greyness of the day.
The rain is also suiting the fernery, this is now a year or so old and maturing well.  The ferns are growing quite large now.
Talking of large, the edgeworthia is now getting quite big.  It is covered in buds already in time for next spring.  I will be watching it anxiously if we have a hard winter but I feel happier that it is now hopefully more mature to cope with cold now.
The pleached hornbeams are stretching out to fill the gap left by the pergola.  The central new tree is still very young and needs to grow more to form the central pillar of the arch I am trying to create.
The Exotic Border from this side is quite green and I am happy with this.  I like the leaf shapes and how they work together.  The echium were grown from seed last year, they will not flower this year but they have grown quite big.  I will bring a couple in for the winter just in case.
I will definitely be bringing the Ensete ventricosum 'Maurelli' indoors very soon.  It will not stand for frost and I would hate to kill it.
In the Wild Garden there are clear signs of autumn.  The trees are starting to turn.
At the top of the garden the Aldi Acer is blazing beautifully.
and whilst this might look like grass, I think it is the tops of the muscari planted in the grass, starting to grow already.
One of the hamamelis, whilst rather horizontal in habit, it colouring up well.  This one always flowers first in the spring so it has great value in the garden.
There has been a good crop of medlars this year.  There will be bletting.
The asters are doing their thing in the borders.  I love this one that is like a ray of light.
The pelagoniums in the Courtyard will be bought indoors very soon, probably later this week.
The rest of the plants will stay outside all winter, they have done well this year and add some welcome green to this grey shaded area.  The moss also adds some green, I will have to deal with that....
The Prairie Borders are not very green, but they do now have some perennial sunflowers growing well in them.  I am pleased they have flowered in their first year in situ.
The pond is looking nearly full and will need clearing out fairly soon.  I try and do this when things are dying back but before the water gets really cold.

Thanks to Steve for hosting this meme.


  1. You seem to have as many names for different areas as we do!

  2. Always a treat to read the end of the month review !

  3. It's looking beautiful in the autumn light, thanks for sharing photos.


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