A tree mood

It turns out I am in a bit of a tree mood at the moment.  I love trees at all times of the year but there is something about the last gasp of autumn that I truly love.
I have planted quite a few trees in the ten years I have lived in this garden.  Some are probably too close together, some will definitely get rather large, but I tell myself I will deal with these issues when I have to.  For now I look at the red of the Euonymous europa, glowing behind the Catalpa aurea, and I smile.
This view in the Wild Garden shows the Magnolia Leonard Messel looking still a vibrant green.  The flame of the silver birch is rather special. I have written previously that I plant a silver birch at every garden I have lived in since the birth of my son, it is his tree.  This tree, which was no more than a stick when I planted it, is now getting tall and the bark is turning silver.

The Liriodendron tulipifera is showing its turning leaves.  This is a very favourite tree of mine.  I hope that I will get to see it flower one day, my joy when it does will know no bounds.
The king tree in the garden is the horse chestnut.  It gets badly affected by the leaf miner disease but it still struggles on.  It had always been my ambition as a child to live somewhere with a horse chestnut tree.  I always considered it the prize amongst trees as I loved conkers so much.  I still have childish glee at the sheer beauty of a freshly shelled conker.
The garden is over-seen by the massive poplar tree next door.  Having had issues with a black poplar tree that just behind my garden at the other corner, I view it with some worry at times.  It is however a magnificent tree and I cannot imagine the landscape without it.


  1. Trees are really special to me. I grew up in a house with a horse chestnut tree very close to the front door. I loved it in flower and then the cookers to string too. We live in Worcestershire with its beautiful apple orchards and the most amazing oak trees. I planted a Catalpa in our garden this summer after visiting an open garden event ad seeing the amazing golden green shining out. So much variety in the tree world


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