A Portmeirion Pause

As regular readers will know, Portmeirion is my favourite favourite place.  I usually holiday there every two years apart from when I go inbetween that.  This year turned into a big family holiday with more of us going than usual which made it rather a special holiday.  The weather though decided it would not be kind.
We awoke on Saturday morning to Storm Brian.  He was really quite a storm, hitting the Welsh coastline with some ferocity.  We holed up in our cottage, lit the log burner and waited for it to blow over.
By the afternoon the rain had almost stopped so we went for a wander.  There is nothing I enjoy more than wandering around the village.
Particularly if those wanderings take me into the Gwyllt.  Wandering this woodland is just the best thing.
There are some truly awesome trees in the Gwyllt, I spend a lot of time standing back and staring at them.
The light filters through the canopy as light should.
Such was my tree-quest on this visit that I might, only might, have climbed a steep path too many to get a closer look and then might, only might, have slid back down on my bottom.  Well, it was all incredibly slippy from all the rain.  I can however confirm that the leaf mold under the trees is fantastically soft and deep.
The glories of this woodland, which is a fine blend of being well-managed but also growing as it should, it that some trees are a bit curvy.
The curves are good and the peeling papery bark is stunning.
It all feels old and, well, woody.
and there are many viewpoints to look back to the village.
or out to Borth y Gest and Porthmadog. 
It rained quite a bit, but thankfully it was also fine and quite still at times.  As this is always a time when I go to pause and recharge, the weather made little difference to us.  It was the first time in many years that I have visited in October and as ever seeing the seasons change in the Village is a wonderful thing.  
It also meant that I could enjoy the sunrises without having to get up too early.  When the sun appeared it did so with style.
We left, as ever, making plans for our return, many happy returns.


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