Tree Following: September 2017 - leave it hanging

was a Quince that hung Upon a garden tree; Papa he brought it with him home, And ate it with his tea

(Edward Lear) 

but not my quince, no picking from this tree, not yet.  I watch the quince carefully, I dare not touch it or breathe on it.   The Quinceling is too precious to be picked.

Thanks as ever to Squirrelbasket for hosting this meme.


  1. That is a totally different shape to my quinces and mine have now lost their 'fur' what variety is it?

  2. Oh exciting Alison! Is this your first quince tree or the second?

    1. This is from the 1st tree - my plan clearly worked to shame it into action:)

  3. I'm so impressed! After all this time!
    You must have a party if you ever decide to eat it, and bring it in with great ceremony on a velvet cushion :)

  4. I love trees to occupy major space of my gardening area. It,s always enchanting view


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