Product Review: Burgon & Ball hanging pots

Regular readers may recall that I bought a pretty little cactus from Hampton Court Flower Show, a rather cute little thing that I said at the time needed a hanging pot.  Serendipity took a hand as Burgon & Ball have introduced a fantastic new range of indoor pots and they very kindly sent me a couple to trial.
I was sent a Ripple and a Wave.  As you would expect from Burgon & Ball they are very well made and also extremely well priced; these two are £7.99 each which I think is incredibly reasonable.  They are beautifully glazed stoneware pot and they hang from a leather cord.  Those of you who know me know that I have a love of ceramics and so for me this is the perfect combination of pottery and plant.

Whilst I knew my little cactus had to live in one of them, I took a second or two to think about what would go in the other.
Then suddenly it was clear, the companion plant had to be a tradescantia.  I have had this variegated tradescantia for more years than I care to think of.  I think I 'acquired' the original cutting from a friend's bathroom hanging macrami pot probably more than thirty years ago.  It has been kept going over the years, cutting from cutting, cutting from cutting.  Time's wheel turns and now it is back hanging happily in a pot.

I love these two hanging pots and the rest of the range is calling to me to further explore.  They are perfect birthday or something that rhymes with twistmas presents.  Go on, you know you want to.....