Irritating Plant of the Month September 2017 - the small one

It was probably about this time last year that there was a Twitter discussion about the size of our ricinus plants.  It was a jolly 'mine is bigger than yours' kind of chat and we pondered whether next year (which is now this year) we would challenge ourselves to see who would grow the largest.  We laughed, we planned, we bought seeds.

Seeds were sown and germinated, all seemed good.

and now I proudly announce myself the winner.....
..... of the smallest ricinus in the challenge.

and let's be clear, I didn't grow just one small one (barely 10 inches high)
No - they are all consistently small.  Maybe I bought a dwarf version?  Who knows!  (please don't notice that the grass edge needs cutting, they are not actually growing in a lawn depsite what it looks like).

Anyhoo, small they maybe but the foliage is still a wonderful colour and I tell myself they look good anyway.



  1. As mine didn't germinate at all, they're smaller, sorry. I've tried growing Ricinus year after year. Ol' Ben Higgledy took pity on me and sent me some free seeds. They failed. I'm beginning to suspect that OH is on to my poison plan.

    1. Oh dear - sorry you haven’t got any - I think they’re trickier than we’re led to believe.


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