A decade of gardening at Blackberry Cottage

It does not feel that long ago that I wrote this blog post after living in this house for four years:  http://www.blackberrygarden.co.uk/2011/09/first-four-years.html  I reread this post when thinking about what I was going to write and I found it fascinating to see the rawness of the borders at that stage.  I also find the photographs of when I first moved in a great reminder of how things have moved on.
This photo really makes me smile as it shows the Conservatory Border and how it looked after I had made my first plantings.  There is the now long dead tree fern, looking rather spiffing.  One of the other patches of green is the cardoon that still flourishes in that border.
This is almost from the same position taken in June.
This is the view from the top of the garden.  There is no pond, there are no Prairie Borders.  The eating apple tree was a wonky divided trunk and the house stands baldly.
This is not quite the same position as I am closer to the apple tree, but its fair to say the house is less exposed now.  This is the view across the Woodland Border.
So happy anniversary garden.  I have never gardened anywhere for ten years before.  I am now knowing the joy of watching plants and trees mature that I have planted.  There is a sense of settlement in the garden and the rawness is long gone.  Whilst I still make changes there is a sense of structure now and a framework to work around.  This garden is without doubt the reason that this house is my home.  My connection to this patch is strong and its power to be my sanctuary where I go to recharge and take refuge from the world is beyond measure.  I have no idea if I will still be living here in ten years time, I suspect I might be; but where-ever I am this garden will be a happy memory.


  1. I had no idea that your garden was only ten years old and that it was so sparse when you moved in. You've made such a wonderful difference to it! Thank you for sharing the photos of your progress, it's so inspiring to see.

    1. Thanks - yes it's been quite a journey for me and the garden :)

  2. Just fabulous Alison - thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. Doesn't the time fly, and what a difference it makes! Great to see the transformation, and makes me want to go back to my old photos - and write about what's changed! A future post I think, great idea!

  4. A garden to get lost in - I love it.


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