Products review: Garden House Bird Feeder & Belightful Butterfly Feeder

I have been sent a couple of products to trial recently and as they are both about attracting beneficial wildlife/insects into the garden I thought they would work well being featured together.

Firstly there is the hanging Terracotta Bird Feeder from The Garden House.  This is an impressive bird feeder.  It is very solidly made and it has some heft.  It has a strong linked chain to hang it up with and you will indeed need something quite sturdy to hang it from.
I love terracotta, it weathers so beautifully, so I think that this bird feeder is a delight.  The birds seem to like it too as it keeps the seeds dry from the rain.  This retails currently for £24.95 and I think that is a really good price because of the quality of the product.  This is a definite good birthday or other festival day that might begin with C that is too early in the year to mention yet.

The other product I have been trialling is this butterfly feeder from Belightful who are a Finnish company that is owned by Miia Liesegang and Taina Tallala.  It says on their website that Miia and Taina believe that new products should be "should be delightful, meaningful and environmentally ethical " 
The butterfly feeder is made from recyclable materials.  It consists of a plastic outershell and a nectar-soaked foam ball.  You can buy refills for the nectar required.

I did not have the butterfly feeder set up for long before it attracted this Red Admiral butterfly.  It will not attract all butterflies, but this one seemed to enjoy it.
It is also quite attractive to other types of bugs and flies, which is good in my opinion.  We need to attract insects to our gardens as most have their role to play (if it attracted greenfly I would not be so happy!)  I should also say that since putting the butterfly out into the garden we have had several boughts of very heavy rain, but it is still attracting insects.  I did worry that the rain might wash the nectar away but it appears not to have done.

This product is not cheap, but it is well made and seems quite robust.  It costs around 60 euros directly from the Belightful website.  It comes in three different colours and is made in Finland.  It shops to EU countries, USA, Australia and Japan.  As above, I think that this is a product that would be an excellent present for a birthday or festival beginning with C. 


  1. We don't seem to have many butterflies at the moment even on the allotment where we have a whole row of buddleias. I doubt that the feeder would actually attract them. So long tongued bees visit?


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