Plant Review - Hopes Groves Nurseries hedging

I was contacted a few weeks ago and asked it I would like to trial some of Hopes Grove Nurseries hedging plants.  I had a look at the website and decided to say yes.  The plants arrived quite quickly and were packed with care.
I unpacked them and was pleased with their condition.  These are potted plants, not bare root as it is too early to be planting bare root hedges just yet.  Because they are potted they can be planted at any time, though of course they will need watering until properly established.

The plants received were:

2 x Dwarf Box
2 xYew
2 x Euronymous Golden
2 x Japanese Golden Holly
1 x Box

Then I had to decide where I was going to plant them.  I had an area in mind when I agreed to trial the plants.  I have been thinking about starting a new area for the garden and this hedging pack was a good start to the new plan.
I set the pots out in the garden and then left them for a week.  I had to keep watering them as the weather did get very hot, but I wanted to keep walking around them and thinking about whether this really was the right position for them.  I often do this with a new area in the garden, I want to view it from different angles and get used to seeing them in position.
Then it was time to plant them.
They are going to make a low, knitted together hedge just to one side of the Wild Garden, just before it really gets into the wild area.  I have gently clipped the very top of a couple of them to help them bush out.  I am not intending letting the hedge get over 30 centimeters tall.
The more eagle eyed of you might wonder why I have planted them around a rather wind-burned acer.  The acer has been put there to recover as it is very sheltered in that part of the garden.

This area will be developing over the next year.  This row of hedging plants has settled in quickly and I am really pleased with them.  The recent rains have helped settle them in and after a couple of weeks they are looking very good.  I happily recommend them.