Irritating Plant of the Month: August, the premature Tiger Lily

Except of course it is not premature really, the tiger lily is doing what a tiger lily should do, getting ready to flower now.
So why is this irritating?  It is not really fair to label it so as in many ways this is a success.  I have tried to grow tiger lilies before and failed.  This time I bought quite a lot and planted some in the borders (no sign of them at all) and some in the Forest Deep Root Planter that I trialled earlier this year.  They clearly love the planter and have grown well.

I have wandered from the question, so I need to return to it.  The reason why this is irritating is that I need these flowers in October for my daughter's wedding.  They will form part of one of the bouquets and are a key element.  So I have turned to Twitter for advice and I will write again later when I will know if the advice has helped or not.  If I cannot keep a flower until the date required it will be irritating, but not exactly the worst thing ever. Que cera etc.....


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