Tree following July 2017- The withered quince

Oh me oh my, just when I thought the quince trees could not laugh any harder at my imploring them for a quince; Quince major decides rub my nose in it just a little further.

I was looking at Major pondering writing this post, and there it was,
the withered quince, a reminder of what might have been.  It is the Chingachogook of the quince world, the last of its kind.  Well, for this year anyway.

Moving on, on a more positive note..
Quince Major is putting on lots of new growth, it must have sprouted at least twelve inches this year.  I am telling myself that this bodes well.
Quince Minor, who is still in its first year of planting, has put on about four or five inches and that seems reasonable all things considered.
But lo, what is this brown mottling on the leaves?  Is it drought or something worse??

Time will tell.

Thanks as ever to Squirrel Basket for hosting this meme.