Tree following July 2017- The withered quince

Oh me oh my, just when I thought the quince trees could not laugh any harder at my imploring them for a quince; Quince major decides rub my nose in it just a little further.

I was looking at Major pondering writing this post, and there it was,
the withered quince, a reminder of what might have been.  It is the Chingachogook of the quince world, the last of its kind.  Well, for this year anyway.

Moving on, on a more positive note..
Quince Major is putting on lots of new growth, it must have sprouted at least twelve inches this year.  I am telling myself that this bodes well.
Quince Minor, who is still in its first year of planting, has put on about four or five inches and that seems reasonable all things considered.
But lo, what is this brown mottling on the leaves?  Is it drought or something worse??

Time will tell.

Thanks as ever to Squirrel Basket for hosting this meme.


  1. I hope you imanage to harvest some quince. The fruit is lovely.

  2. I would have guessed the mottling was quince leaf blight but that is more supposed to be more common in wet summers.My young quince tree is hanging on to a few fruits but I think the dry weather is not helping. The fruits were much bigger this time last year.

  3. Well at least the new leaves are looking green and healthy.
    I have no idea about the brown patch on the leaf, but it looks a bit like a splash, as if water has landed and been sizzled by the hot sun. But of course it's probably something much worse!
    Thanks so much for hanging on in there and joining us again :)


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