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I have been growing houseplants from a very early age.  My first real plant obsession was a spider plant, quickly followed by Christmas cactus and coleus.  I loved growing them and I loved propagating them.  I occupied nearly every windowsill in my parents’ house with my ever growing (in every sense) collection of house plants.

Time moves on and my love of houseplants has not abated.  Many years ago I discovered that one of the key steps to successful growing was to use Baby Bio®.  That small bottle of brown liquid has been a permanent feature of the cupboard under the sink.  Now there is a new kid on the block, Baby Bio® Pour and Feed.

Baby Bio® Pour and Feed, unlike the traditional concentrated Baby Bio®, comes ready to use.  There is no need to dilute in water you just pour it directly onto the compost.  There is a handy measure in the cap which ensures you do not under or over feed.  Baby Bio® Pour and Feed is enriched with seaweed and perfect for houseplants and outdoor container plants as well as hanging baskets.  It is a quick and easy way of ensuring that your houseplants receive the balance of nutrients they require.

I have been using the Baby Bio® Pour and Feed as part of my regular weekly houseplant care routine and the plants have responded well to it. 
This is probably my favourite houseplant, it is a cane Begonia, and possibly called Compte de Lesseps (though the flowers look a little pale for this variety).  I have had this plant now for many years now and was probably the start of my conversion to begonias.  It is remarkably easy to look after and propagate (two of my favourite characteristics in houseplants) and it is fairly tolerant of a little neglect.  This one is now around six feet tall and I repotted it earlier this year using some of the Phostrogen® Slow Release Plant Food and Moisture Control mixed into the compost.  This is perfect particularly in the hot environment of my conservatory as it has helped the plant keep going through those busy moments in life where plants might not be watered quite as often as they should be.  The Phostrogen® Slow Release Plant Food and Moisture Control is feeding the plant and I am careful not to overfeed.  A regular dose of Baby Bio® Pour and Feed has kept the begonia in prime condition.   

The other houseplant I would not be without is a rubber plant.  They might be ubiquitous, but this is because they are wonderful plants.
This one is a few years old now and has also delighted in the addition of Baby Bio® Pour and Feed into its care regime.  It is producing new leaves and offshoots and as a result will soon need repotting again.  I am delighted in how it has responded to the feeding regime.

Houseplants are totally dependent on us and sometimes I am better at that responsibility than other.  The Baby Bio® Pour and Feed and Phostrogen® Slow Release Plant Food and Moisture Control have proved their place in my houseplant care routine. 

Products used

Baby Bio® Pour and Feed 

Phostrogen® Slow Release Plant Food and Moisture Control


  1. I'm really impressed with the results from Baby Bio Pour & Feed too, I love the fact that it's so quick and easy to use as well. The first plant I ever owned was a rubber plant - I took pity on it because it had a broken leaf, I'm still a total sucker for the bargain shelf at the garden centre!


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