Irritating Plant of the Month - July 2017 Pride comes before a fall

or 'We are not at home to Ms Smug'

This month it is not the actual plant that is irritating, it is a slug.  A very specific slug and if I could put out an APB on it I would.

Let me explain:

Earlier this year I visited Thenford where I met a Sparmannia africana for the first time and fell deeply in love.
What an amazing flower, to see it is to love it.  I had to have one, had to had to had to have one.  So I bought some seed.  I sowed the seed.  The seed did nothing so after a few weeks I moved the seed tray from the propagator into the greenhouse and promptly forgot about it.  Out of sight, out of mind.

So far out of mind that when I saw a Sparmannia on sale at the West Woodhay Gardeners' Fair I bought it quickly and without hestitation.  I took a cutting two from it (still in progress) and potted it on the plant is thriving.  Every day when I look at it I smile.  This plant is not irritating in any way shape or form.

and then....
I noticed that a Sparmannia seed had indeed germinated.  There it was, a little spindly and in need of potting on, but a good strong shoot nonetheless.  I potted it on and also secured it to a small stick so that it would grow straight and strong.  How happy was I, how smug, how proud of my neglectful success.

24 hours later, almost to the minute, I go out into the greenhouse to say hello to my new little treasure....
This is the sight that greeted me.  It is a mere wisp, it is an ex-sparmannia, it is (almost) no more.

I have brought the pot into the house and it is now sitting on the kitchen windowsill.  I am looking at it longingly and talking to it soothingly.  My hope level is sadly low.

So if you see a slug with half a sparmannia seedling sticking out of its mouth, squish it for me.

If you want to join in, post a link to your blog post in the comments box - what is your most irritating plant this month?