Irritating Plant of the Month - July 2017 Pride comes before a fall

or 'We are not at home to Ms Smug'

This month it is not the actual plant that is irritating, it is a slug.  A very specific slug and if I could put out an APB on it I would.

Let me explain:

Earlier this year I visited Thenford where I met a Sparmannia africana for the first time and fell deeply in love.
What an amazing flower, to see it is to love it.  I had to have one, had to had to had to have one.  So I bought some seed.  I sowed the seed.  The seed did nothing so after a few weeks I moved the seed tray from the propagator into the greenhouse and promptly forgot about it.  Out of sight, out of mind.

So far out of mind that when I saw a Sparmannia on sale at the West Woodhay Gardeners' Fair I bought it quickly and without hestitation.  I took a cutting two from it (still in progress) and potted it on the plant is thriving.  Every day when I look at it I smile.  This plant is not irritating in any way shape or form.

and then....
I noticed that a Sparmannia seed had indeed germinated.  There it was, a little spindly and in need of potting on, but a good strong shoot nonetheless.  I potted it on and also secured it to a small stick so that it would grow straight and strong.  How happy was I, how smug, how proud of my neglectful success.

24 hours later, almost to the minute, I go out into the greenhouse to say hello to my new little treasure....
This is the sight that greeted me.  It is a mere wisp, it is an ex-sparmannia, it is (almost) no more.

I have brought the pot into the house and it is now sitting on the kitchen windowsill.  I am looking at it longingly and talking to it soothingly.  My hope level is sadly low.

So if you see a slug with half a sparmannia seedling sticking out of its mouth, squish it for me.

If you want to join in, post a link to your blog post in the comments box - what is your most irritating plant this month?


  1. Oh no!! The slugs in my area seem particularly keen on two small astrantias and a Japanese anemone, to the point I've had to dig them up and move them (plants, not slugs) in the hope that the miscreants won't find them...

    1. Slugs can be very determined when they spy a tasty plant!

  2. I don't suppose your slug is still lurking in one of the little drainage holes at the base of the pot? They seem purpose-built for slug homes.

    1. Wouldn't surprise me - I'll check - thanks


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