Feature article: Automatic Watering and Irrigation Systems from easywatering.co.uk

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We all know how unpredictable the weather is and how much we enjoy talking about that unpredictability.  If you are a gardener then the weather is your best friend and your worst enemy often both at the same time.  We want sun, so the temperature scorches up to 34deg.  We want rain, we either get drought or floods.  The words ‘happy medium’ and ‘weather’ rarely go together.  A bit of help is what us gardeners often need and the website easywatering.co.uk offers us just that.  They sell a range of automatic watering systems and irrigation systems that are perfect for seeing us through these fluctuations in weather.

If you grow plants in containers and/or if you have a greenhouse, you know the stress that going away on holiday this time of year can bring.  Who do you trust enough to water your precious plants and get it right?  An automatic watering system can take away this worry.  There many different types of automatic watering systems; there are sprinklers that will cover a large space, which in my view would be really useful for vegetable growing.  Soaker and weeper systems also are a useful aid to vegetable growing, they can be laid along the growing lines of plants and will deliver the right amount of water to where it is needed.  There are also spider drippers, which are perfect for baskets, tubs and individual plants.  With the addition of a timer and an adjustable drip control you can set up the system and disappear on your holiday worry free.  For house plants there are spike and globe systems that simply and efficiently help see the plants through our periods of absence. 

Whilst routinely I am found in the garden with my trusty watering can, an automatic watering system would be a boon for when I am not around.  I grow a lot of plants in pots and my Courtyard Garden in particular is completely container based.  I worry about these plants more than the ones in the garden as they rely more on me to provide the water they need. 
Of course you might want an irrigation system for use for other than just holiday time.  The unpredictability of our weather means that we always have dry periods just when we do not want them.  Sometimes a significant dry period that means we need to consider carefully how we will deliver water to our important plants.  We sometimes have times in our lives when regular watering is either not easy or possible.  If we work then busy periods can take over, and times of illness can mean that it is either not possible or that our priorities change.   easy watering.co.uk has an extensive range and I can speak with confidence about this as I reviewed a micro-watering kit for them back in 2014: http://www.blackberrygarden.co.uk/2014/04/just-add-water.html 

Automatic watering systems and irrigation systems can be simple or more complicated, they can be on a timer or more constantly in use.  It depends completely on how you want to use them.  We all have a responsibility to ensure that water is not wasted and these automatic systems can help us use up to 80% less water than if we use a traditional hope-pipe approach.  The water goes where it is needed and at the rate that is most optimal to have effect.  In truth many of us water our plants poorly.  We often do not deliver enough water to the roots and this can weaken how the plant grows.  It the water is not getting deep enough it can encourage the root system to grow closer to the surface rather than reaching deeper into the soil.  Careful use of automatic watering systems and irrigation systems can help alleviate this.

More information and advice on automatic watering and irrigation systems can be found here:  https://www.easywatering.co.uk/best-systems-garden 

The easy watering website can be found here:  https://www.easywatering.co.uk/

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