Tree Following - June 2017, the predicable failure episode

I took the photographs for this month's treefollowing post a few days ago.  I often take them a little early so I will have enough time to write the post before the allotted publication day.

I already knew that Quince Minor was not going to produce quinces.
Drought and frost had made every blossom fail and drop before opening, so my dreams of two self-fertilising trees fertilising each other were already dashed.
But Quince Major did have quincelets, I did have hope.
Quite a bit of hope, the little chubby velvet quincelings were coming on well.  But I had taken these photos last week so I thought I would go and check again and see how much bigger they had now become.
Oh calamity! Oh dear reader, they have all fallen off -every single one of them.  I could hardly believe my eyes.

Abject failure is again mine.
So here is a picture of a developing medlar.  My medlar tree has fruited reliably from day one.  I should have followed it rather than the disappointing quinces.


Thanks as ever to Squirrelbasket for hosting this forest of followed trees.