The Bridal Flowers 3 - there is progress

It feels like the time is right to give an update on how the wedding flower growing is progressing.

It has been about ten weeks since the dahlias were potted up and they have virtually all started to grow.  This is a good start.
The majority of the dahlias have been planted into one of the veg beds.  They are getting a bit attacked by slugs but I am persevering in trying to keep them at bay.  I am have removed the growing tips to help them bush out and also to delay flowering a little.  The wedding is not until October so I am a little anxious that I need to keep them in flower.
A few of the dahlias have been planted into the Forest Deep Root Planter I constructed earlier in the year. It is perfect for growing dahlias in.
The first plump buds are starting to form, I just need them to keep flowering for another 16 weeks or so.
The chrysanthemums have now been planted out as well.  These should flower at about the right time too.
There are also marigolds and zinnia seeds now germinating well and some tiger lilies.  The tiger lilies  are vitally important as they are a key part of my daughter's fiance's bouquet.
The sweet peas were deliberately sown late and are now growing well.  I am very hopeful they will still be flowering when required.
I am also eyeing up the wild roses in the boundary hedge, they produce the most wonderful red rose hips and I think they could be very useful in an autumnal bouquet.

So far so good, as long as the slugs leave some dahlias all should be well.  I have been research button-hole making and had a brief consideration of flowery crowns.

I will update again in a few weeks as the day gets closer and if you could all keep your fingers crossed for me I would be very grateful.

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  1. Button hole making-practice at the ready. Just say when :) x

  2. What a lucky daughter you have...Hope you'll share how things are going closer to the event.. I'm sure it will be fabulous + very floriferous!


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