Irritating Plant of the Month - June 2017

This month the culprit shone out at me.
Rose 'For your eyes only' has been disappointing pretty much from the start.  Now I am being a little mean as it was given to me so no money exchanged hands, but it was a small plant to begin with.  Two years later it remains small and until this year has not bothered to flower until about October.  Then just before the frost sends it to sleep it sends up one grumpy flower and that's your lot.

So why nominate it now?  Well this year here it is with two flowers and in June.  This is great, this is success.  Is it irritating, well yes as it shows its been capable of performing all along.  I am, without doubt, rose-shaming.

It also comes with a built in ear worm, it is debateable whether it is Sheena Easton's finest (hard to decide, I want to say Nine to Five, but really U Got the Look has to be right up there).  But I feel that a moment to have a pause and think of Roger Moore as James Bond is never a bad thing.