Tree Following May 2017 - after the frosts

At the end of the April, just when Quince Major and Quince Minor were budding up well, we had a week of sudden sharp frosts.  This was not good news for my quest for a quince.

and yet....
Quince Major is blossoming well, it appears pretty much unaffected by the frosts.
but Quince Minor looks a bit less happy.  The buds have not continued to develop since the frost and I fear that it might not blossom at all.
I've been worrying that it might also be a bit dry, it was only planted last year and so I always like to keep a check on trees that have not really had chance to fully establish.  I will also be giving it liquid seaweed to see if that helps it perk up a bit.  My chances of blossom now though seem unlikely.  My dream of two self-fertilising trees fertilising each other seems thwarted.

But all is not lost,
for I present to you a definite swelling,
Quince Major is developing quincelets,
lots of them, lots of little downy quincelets.  I am very happy, there is hope.

Thanks as ever to Squirrelbasket for hosting this forest of followed trees.


  1. Those late frosts are a nuisance.

  2. Fingers crossed!
    Yes it has been such a dry spring!
    We have been lucky to avoid frosts here but I felt sorry for the vineyards in England hit badly by the nip in the air (as reported by the BBC).
    All the best :)

  3. Late frost is a bummer :( Good luck quincelets!


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