Review: Elementum

I happened upon this new journal a couple of weeks ago and was immediately very interested in  Elementum.
The journal describes itself as a 'journal of nature and story'.  It features thoughtful and superbly written pieces exploring nature, art and our connections with both.

By chance I was staying in the same place as the editor Jay Armstrong.  When I saw this journal I knew I had to buy it but I did not tell Jay I was going to do this.  I cautiously purchased just the first edition to begin with as it is £15 an edition.  Before you all faint, it is published twice a year so not ridiculous when you look at it as a monthly price.  I have now bought a subscription as I enjoyed it so much.

I found reading the journal that rare experience of actually reading it.  I did not flip through the pages as I tend to do with magazines just looking at the pictures but knowing what the articles say pretty much at a glance.  I made time to read it, making sure I could read it properly and not be disturbed.  In doing so I allowed myself to completely absorb the articles, though I am not sure that article is the right word, I think they are more rightly essays.  I found myself lost in its pages in a delightful mix of enjoyment and knowledge.

Each edition has a theme, the first edition is based on a theme of 'Calling' and the second one is based on 'Gap'.  If you wonder if it is for you then on the website there is a section of 'Nature Journals'.  The writing gives a flavour of what you can expect in the journal.  I enjoyed all the essays, but if I had to highlight any I would give a special mention to the linked pieces around the Whale, I loved how they were distinct in themselves and yet have a strong voice together.

I am looking forward to the second edition arriving and its future publications.  There is something rather special about this type of independent journal that I really like.  There is a passion behind its construction and contents and that shines out of it.  I wish Elementum every success in the future and whole-heartedly recommend it to you.

The journal can be bought here