Product Review - Iconic African plastic kettle

I received an email relating to this plastic kettle and I was lucky enough to be sent one for me to feature.
Not only does this kettle look good, it is perfect for watering my indoor plants with.  Better still, by buying one you are helping support the local economies where they are made in West Africa.  They are made entirely of recycled materiala and hold 2 litres of water.  Even when full of water they are still not that heavy which is good as they do have a serious use where they are made.  They are used to transport vital water for washing and cooking with.  Lightness matters when you have to carry the water that you are going to use.

These kettles are available to buy from Amazon and are supplied through B&C Educational Primary School Resources.  This business supplies primary schools with authentic and creative teaching and learning resources to help with teaching about other cultures.