Product Review: Envii Seaweed Xtra

I have trialled products for Envii before so when they asked me if I would like to try their Seaweed Xtra I was happy to say yes.  Liquid seaweed is my fertiliser of choice for the garden.  I do not feed every plant but roses, peonies and dahlias in particular I like to give a fortnightly feed.
The label on this bottle did make chuckle a little as it says it is good for lawns.  Now I am sure it is, but I am just not the sort of person who feeds lawns in this way.

I have been using the Envii product for the last few weeks.  Once the threat of frost was over I felt confident to start feeding my precious plants.  I do not like to feed them until frost is over as the new sappy growth can be at risk.

Am I happy with this product?  Yes I am, it does the job.  Liquid seaweed is a really good garden fertiliser and this is a good product.  I have no hesitation to recommend.

It retails for under £10, so I think that is good value.