Irritating Plant of the Month - The Wrong Rose

I had no hesitation this month when thinking about which plant was irritating me the most.  For there it is, flowering away in the front border, the wrong rose.

Let me explain.

I give you exhibit A
What is wrong with it? I hear you say.  Well nothing as such, except it is meant to be 'New Dawn', now it might be many things, but it is not New Dawn.  So why I have I got it?  I bought it a good eight/nine years ago from a magazine offer.  The Gertrude Jekyll was not Gertrude Jeykll (it is a dark red rose, not unpleasant and it does not irritate as much as this one) and the New Dawn was this, not New Dawn.

I have a few genuine Gertrude Jekylls but I still do not have a New Dawn, which I could remedy if I chose to do so.  The wrong rose annoys because half the time I do not really mind it.  I convince myself I even quite like it a bit.  Then a day comes like the day when I looked at it recently and I think 'why do I allow you in the garden when I do not like you?'  I am rather hard-hearted with most plants I just do not like.  I just remove them, so why do I not remove this one?

I don't know, but I suspect it has something to do with that it is planted where I want a rose to be and it is not a good idea to plant a new rose in an old rose's place.  Yes it can be done, but that involves more work than I am prepared to put in.  So the decision is:  a) not have a rose here and plant something else, b) remove and faff about and plant a new rose, c) buy a New Dawn and put it somewhere else and just get over it or d) just get over it.

Currently I am at e) when you do not know what to do, do nothing, the answer will become clear at some point.

Time will tell.