An Ulting Return

When I sat down to write this post I was going to say that last year we visited Ulting Wick and enjoyed it thoroughly.  When I checked it was actually two years ago, which just shows how time blurs so quickly.  We were very keen to see Philipa's tulip displays of over 10,000 tulips and so on one of the days that she was opening for the NGS we set off.  Admittedly it is a bit of trek to Ulting Wick from where I live but not beyond the bounds of what I consider a day trip possibility.  We also fitted in a pit-stop at Hyde Hall which is about 20 minutes away.  It was a good plan for a day out.
You know the drill by now, I do not show the whole garden so that there are still things for you to explore if you get to visit.  There is much to see.
There are riots of colour in the Farm Yard.  Where there had previously been the height and drama of the exotic planting there is now lower but no less impactful tulips.
many tulips
lots and lots of tulips.  Beautifully arranged into well considered colour themes.
Around to the vegetable borders and there are tulips,
wonderfully vibrant ones.
There are also the calmer areas, this is the Pink Garden which is currently waiting to be at its full moment of colour.  It is no less enjoyable for being a quieter space away from the colour of the tulips.
The use of topiary to give structure and focal points works very well.
I made sure I said hello to the Dove, which I had greatly admired when I had seen it on display at Asthall Manor's 'On Form' sculpture exhibition.
To the front of the house there are more tulips giving points of colour.
and this border was probably my favourite border of all.  It was superbly planted and made me realise how much more Tellima I needed in my garden, it works perfectly with these tulips.  It is also a great example of it does not matter how big your garden is, this border was really not large at all and yet the impact was huge.  I kept walking back to it to have another look.
There is a great peaceful calm around the water running through the garden,
We admired this bullrush sculpture that fitted its space perfectly.
As with all good gardens, it is the small areas that show the care and attention given to the planting.  This little patch around a tree of wild flowers and a few tulips was a great touch.
and we could see in the greenhouse the exotic border mainstays waiting to be released.
This was the favourite tulip of the day.  If anyone knows the name of it please can they let me know, I would love to grow this in my own garden.
and I bought some Persicaria orientalis plants.  This is probably my favourite favourite annual and whilst I am growing my own from seed, a few more is never going to be amiss.  One day I live in hope that mine will self-sow like they do for Philippa, maybe these will be the lucky ones to start that.

We had the most wonderful day.  We ate cake, chatted and enjoyed this great garden.  What more could one ask?  (we finished with chinese takeway and wine - so much not much else!).

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