Treefollowing April 2017 - nearly time....

As we enter April the excitement is starting to grow, at last the quince trees are leafing up.
Quince minor is looking rather small and underdeveloped than Quince major but it is its first year so it is allowed some time to catch up.
Quince Minor is leafing up well,
and there are signs of pre-quincelet buds, I do expect blossom and blossom is hope.
Quince major is looking a fine specimen this year.  It has been gently pruned over the winter and as mentioned before I have pruned back an overhanging branch so it has more light.
and there are loads of buds on it this year.
....loads and loads.  I am, dare I say it, really hopeful that this year might be the year the sees the fulfillment of the quest for a quince.
and look, Quince major has a guardian angel on board.  All bodes well for the quincelets.

Thanks to Squirrelbasket for looking after the forest of followed trees.