Product Review - Stewart Garden Essential Planter: pistachio

I was asked to review the Stewart Garden Essential Planter a couple of months ago and I was told that they look great with tulips in.   I agreed to do the review and pithily replied that I would do it before the tulips were flowering......... well, not all the tulips are quite flowering yet.  I will explain the delay...
I decided if I was going to have a plastic pot that I would choose a cheery colour.  This range comes in many colours and I decided that pistachio would be the colour for me.  This pot has been on the garden table all through the winter and has not faded at all.  It probably could do with a little wipe down, but I am showing you it with no special care being given to it.  The colour is still good even if there is a bit of rain-splatter.
I planted it up with Bellis perennis, I expected them to flower sooner than this (which was silly of me as this is when they flower) so I delayed writing the review until they flowered.  I really like the dark green of the bellis leaves against the pistachio, I think it works really well.  I had deliberately chosen a bright colour as I thought if I was going to use plastic then I wanted it to look like it was plastic.  It does and I like it for this.
The pot also looks hugely better than the black pots that these plants have been plonked in.

The pots come in three sizes: 27cm / 33cm / 39cm and in ten colours.  The website says they are long lasting, shock-proof and UV resistant.  I can agree they are shock resistant, this pot was blown off the table a couple of times in recent storms and is unblemished.  The clay pots that went in the same direction did not survive at all.

They are also very lightweight.  I know that some of you will read this and say that plant pots should not be plastic.  I own many fine ceramic pots and I love them dearly, but increasingly I am finding them to be heavy.  These plastic pots look good and are light, this makes moving them around so much easier.  

They are also fairly inexpensive, priced between £3 ish to £5 ish.  For a decorative planter I think this is good value.  I think I have been won over to plastic.


  1. Makes sense - all those orange pots in imitation of clay pots are a blight. Mind you, I'm often happy with black. But I like black....

    1. I like black too. I agree, I have no quibble with plastic if either pretends really well to be something it is not, or if it does not pretend.

  2. Would you reccomend these for strawberries?

    1. They’re not designed specifically for strawberries but I see no reason why you couldn’t grow them in it.


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