Tree Following March 2017 - a little late

Last year spring arrived rather early, this makes this year feel late, when I think it is actually probably more like it should be.  This means that the quince tree is now suddenly starting to produce leaves.
The two quince trees, that I know should be one but I am seeing them now as quince-major (primary, original quince) and quince-minor (Johnny-come-lately), are getting that haze of green.
Quince-major is well on the road to developing blossom now.
I stare at the branches willing the blobs of green to become quinces.  Each one is a potential quince-let.
Quince-minor is not so far along.  This gives me already the concern that if they do not blossom at the same time how can my self-fertilising trees benefit from the cross-pollination I am hoping for?

See, as one worry ends another takes its place.  Life is ever thus.

Que-cera etc.  Time will of course tell.  Thanks as ever to Squirrelbasket for hosting the forest of followed trees.


  1. Wa-hey, the quince(s)! Maybe in about ten year's time we will still be cheering them on - and by then perhaps you will even be making jam from their fruit?

  2. I'm confused: if they are self-fertilising, why do you need them to cross-pollinate? I thought self-fertilising meant it didn't need a companion.

    Good luck. All my quince hopes lie with you this year Alison!

  3. Fingers crossed for you. Quinces like to keep us on our toes... ☺

  4. Looking good!
    I love the names - Quince major and minor sound like naughty boys at a boarding school.
    Thanks for the update :)

  5. Quince major looks promising. Best wishes for a year of quinces :-)

  6. Spring has arrived to your trees.

    Not so where I live, unfortunately.


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