Product Review: Wilkinson Sword Long Handled Edging Shears

Some weeks ago I reviewed the Wilkinson Sword Edging Blade, which was rather a revelation to me as I suddenly found I had neatly edged borders.  I also since discovered why the neighbours who taught me how to garden when I was very young used to tell me not to stand on the edge of the border as it makes them collapse.  Lesson-learned.

I have now given my lawn its first cut of the year.  It did not quite need it, but it also sort of did.   After completing the mow I decided it was time to give the Edging Shears, that Wilkinson Sword had sent to me to trial, their first outing.
I do own a pair of edging shears that I must have bought over twenty years ago.  They are rusty but still cut after a fashion.  These new edging shears were just a total joy to work with.
The blades are made of carbon steel and are'precision ground'.  They cut like a dream and make a very satisfying cutty sound as they do so.  There is something about the snick-snick-snick sound of a good pair of blades that makes me very happy.  Like most gardeners I like my tools sharp (when they should be sharp).

The handles are 850cm long and are very comfortable to use.  I found I was not bending over to use them as I sometimes do with my old pair.  This made my back very appreciative of them.
and the result.....  very nice neat edges.  This part of the garden is the area where I most like to see clean lines and the blades made quick work of the task.  I can happily recommend them.

Wilkinson Sword Long Handled Edging Shears