#mygardenrightnow March 4th 2017

This is my contribution to Michelle Chapman's new meme celebrating what is the in the garden right now.

I did not have to think too long and hard about what my garden is about at the moment, for me today the garden is mainly about the Dancing Lawn.
For most of the year the Dancing Lawn is just another bit of mown lawn.  It bridges the space between the pond, the Prairies Borders, the Wild Garden and the Exotic Border.  Over the years I have been planting daffodils and crocii in this lawn.
It becomes a favourite part of the garden when the crocii start to open.  They are also now starting to naturalise too.  This has been a game of patience as they are not quick to do this, but now I can see real results.  Of course this just makes me want to plant more for next spring.  I think we can be sure this will be so.

So thanks to Michelle for hosting this meme.  For me this is the reality of my garden at this time of year, the joy of spring bulbs in a bit of lawn.  Simple things are often the best.