Irritating Plant of the Month March 2017 - the hyacinths

I nearly could not think of a plant that was irritating me this month.  I almost decided to give this month a miss (my blog, my rules), but then when I thought about it I thought of a plant I could name and shame, except possibly not so much of the shame really, more of a mild tutting at.

I present to you......
.... the hyacinths I planted in the Wild Garden a couple of years ago.  This one is Peter Stuyvesant, rather fab isn't it?  I actually cannot bear hyacinths indoors, I find the smell suffocating; but when visiting Evenley Wood back in 2014 I was reminded how I love them outdoors.  I used to have some in my garden at Nottingham and it was a nice memory to return to.  So I duly purchased some hyacinths to plant the next autumn and they flowered reasonably well the following spring....

.... and then disappeared.  I thought they were dead.  I looked for them but nothing appeared so I mourned them briefly and moved on.

This year, pop, there they are.  Not all the ones I planted have reappeared but a few have.  Enough to encourage me to buy some more.  At least this time I will know not to give up hope in year 2, they clearly like a sulk.

So why are they irritating if they have flowered this year?  Well where were they last year?  That is why they are being tutted at but also gently encouraged as I am very pleased to see them.

What plants are currently irritating you with their behavior in your gardens?  Do let me know.


  1. Hi Alison, The only hyacinths I've planted out are forced ones I've had indoors flowering for Christmas and put outside when they've finished. I've never expected them to return the following year but this spring they are all doing really well! It's the common sage that's irritating me at the moment. Supposedly hardy, the mild winter can't have troubled it, and I've kept it out of the worst of the wet (its in a pot) but it remains reluctant to get growing, and I'd really like to pick some and use it in the kitchen but it's still just a twig!

  2. Hi I've had trouble with sage as well, it can look really grotty. I've just cut some chunks of dead out of mine in the hope that it will improve.


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