Regular readers will know that I am very precious about my Edgeworthia chrysantha.  I keep an over-protective eye on it at all times, and this is heightened over the winter months.  For many years I longed for an Edgeworthia.  I first tried growing one over ten years ago.  I grew it successfully in a pot for a couple of years but when I moved to this house I planted it in the garden and promptly killed it.

Undeterred, I bought another and foolishly planted it in the same place as the first one.  It died - quel surprise!

Refusing to give up I bought another and planted it as one of the Four Sisters.  Before planting the shrub I checked (again) what type of conditions it prefers.  It's one of those 'moist-well drained' types which, let's face it, is very difficult to achieve.  When I checked back it turns out this was in March 2013 - how time flies!

For all this time I have anxiously kept an eye on this beloved shrub.  Luckily I have been helped by mild winters and this does help a lot, but also I think I have been helped by my knowledge of the garden.  When I planted this current Edgeworthia I knew my garden better.  I had lived with it a few years and I knew how the soil was in different areas.  I also knew where was more sheltered from the prevailing winds.  There is better drainage where the Four Sisters are placed unlike the thick heavy clay that most of my garden is made of.  I had hopes that it would suit the Edgeworthia and so far so good.

Last year the Edgeworthia flowered successfully for the first time.  That was exciting.

But this year......
It has many flowers,
It opens each flower slowly, one at a time,
but as it opens....
..... the most amazing scent is released.
and look how beautiful the flowers are.  They have a downy-fluff about them that is just so special.

Yes I am over-fond of my Edgeworthia, yes pride comes before a fall and yes, I fear that one bad winter will wipe my beloved out.  But for now it is truly the Edgeworthia of happiness.