Tree Following February 2017 - Here we go

I'm fairly sure that the quince trees are waggling their branches in the air and singing 'here we go, here we go, here we go' in quite frankly, a mildly irritating manner.
Yet they have reason to be happy, there are signs of growth appearing,
Those tiny hints of green that mean that soon there will be leafage.
Each tip might be that quince, the first quince, the one so long awaited.

Tree no:2 is also starting to stir itself.
it is a little behind the Vranja, but it has that hint of fluff that means it is starting to grow.
Two trees is so far twice the fun.

Time will tell.

Thanks as ever to Squirrelbasket for collating this forest of followed trees.


  1. I have my fingers crossed for you. Now that I'm moving away from my quince tree, all my hopes rest with you ;)

  2. Looking good!
    Love the "hint of fluff".
    Here's hoping :)

  3. Seems like spring is coming...


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