One week later

It is suddenly the time of year when a week is a long time in the garden.  In the last week suddenly there has been a lot of movement, suddenly the pace has ratcheted up.  What was a mere promise last week, is now reality.
The first hellebore is open.  This one is in the front border which get the sun early on in the day.  I think this has helped it flower.
The the driveway this small clump of snowdrops was an early planting when I moved into this house.  They have clumped quite well and I split them last year.
Further along some of the split is now flowering.  This makes me very happy.
I planted three new hamamelis last year.  This one in the front garden is now in flower.  The orange one in the back garden is thinking about flowering and the third one, well......., the third one got mowed, don't ask.
In the front side lawn, the Aconite Lawn, there are signs of the aconites coming up to flower.  I have failed miserably to get them to reappear in the back garden and this was my last attempt to get this desired flower to grow.  It has taken three years for them to really settle in and I am extremely pleased to see any one of them.  To see more than one is almost too exciting.
and the Cornus officianalis that only last week was thinking about flowering, has this week taken the plunge.
The cyclamen have also now opened their fan-like petals to greet the wintery sun.
The irises have appeared almost overnight.  I saw no sign of them last week and now they are bursting to flower.
The small willow is furring up.  I love this small shrubby willow, it is very slow growing and has been a joy from the moment I planted it.
These snowdrops in the back garden have caught the sun and opened at last.  I find it impossible not to smile at snowdrops, they are just delightful flowers.
and at last the winter cherry is finally in flower.  I checked back in my garden journal and the first flower appeared on it last winter on the 21st November.  This is more than two months later this year.   Last year Spring was early, this year I think it will wander in at a slower pace.  Sooner or later, I have no care, I am just glad to know that it will arrive.
It feels like the growing season is just around the corner at last.


  1. Your post prompted a somewhat chilly garden inspection and you're right. Much has happened in the last week. Snowdrops and hellebores in particular have come on a lot. And an Abeliophyllum distichum (white forsythia) in bloom.. first time in two years. Whoo hoo!

    1. I'd like a white forsythia- I have a yellow one but the white are a step more special

  2. I agree, the hellebores have come on amazingly since last weekend, soon be time to do a post about them! Buds are fattening on trees and shrubs and the birds think that spring isn't far away.

    1. Yes there has been a lot of change this week - which is a joy to see

  3. Loving all these glimpses of spring! Not long now...


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