Irritating Plant of the Month February 2017 - the viburnum

This plant is clearly very irritating.  This small viburnum bodnantense has created its own demise by its sheer level of irritatingness (ok that is not a word, sorry).
Flossy has kindly agreed to demonstrate the issue.  This small shrublet when placed on the table in the garden is at the perfect height for a cat to use to scratch their face.  Sometimes they even like to have a bit of a chew at it as well.  It is no surprise then that it is not thriving.  It is possibly a bit of a surprise that I have not moved it to stop this from happening.  It is probably too late for that now, but I shall place it in the greenhouse for a while to see if it gives it a much needed pause.

Poor thing.


  1. Poor VB. Aren't they meant to be quite substantial? When they're not having a cat head rubbed all over them....

    1. Yes they're tough plants, this one is only baby so it hasn't had a lot of chance to get going yet. I think it will be ok now I have removed it from scratching height.

  2. It sounds like a fun idea - a properly irritating plant of the month, cats aside.
    There's a wild plant round here which is pushing up especially ugly leaves at present - and I know it will grow into a huge plant later on, tough. And it will triumphantly send up a long steam with a tiny flower on top in due course. If I knew what it was, I'd nominate that. It actually repels me - though I doubt I could explain why.


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