End of Month Review: February 2017

February has been cold and mild and finally rather stormy.  We had the first big storm here in the generally mild Midlands that we have had for a quite a while.  Thankfully Doris passed over causing little damage to the garden.
In the driveway the Cornus officianalis is flowering really well now.
and the Exochorda macrantha 'The Bride' is beginning to leaf-up.
In the front hedge the forsythia is beginning to flower.  Now I know that some look on this shrub as a common amongst common plants.  I have a real affection for it.  It is cheery and flowers when others are still sulking.  Yes it is a bit ubiquitous, but that is probably because it is tough as old boots, lives for decades and just needs a good prune once a year.  Seriously, what is not to love??
The front border might not look much at the moment, but in my eyes it is bursting with potential.  I replanted a lot of it last autumn and I am hoping to be much happier with it this year.
and look at the quince hedge -just covered in flowers this year and getting very hedgy.  It just needs a few bees to make it complete.
In the gravel garden what was once three or four crocii, is now a real clump.  I love how there are a couple more year on year.
Then around to the back garden on a cold, grey, blustery late winter's day.
The rose arch has been removed so poor Mme Alfred Carriere and Souvenir du Doctor Jarmain are waggling about in the breeze.  This will be remedied shortly as a new arch is on its way.  Am I excited about this new arch, oh yes.
The Spring Border is looking springy.  The hellebores are flowering well and the first patch of daffodils are open.
The Prairie Borders are waiting for the nights to just warm up a little more before they have their annual hair cut,
and the Dancing Lawn is bejewelled with crocii.
The Magnolia Leonard Messel is covered in buds.
and the willow is covered with its dark furry pussy willows that will soon burst into yellow-bee-catching wonderfulness.
The last of the hamamelis is in flower at last.
and the Cornus Mas is now in flower.
Yet still the Prunus Ben-chidori waits.
and buds are forming on one of  the tree peonies.
The fernery has stayed green and looked good all winter.
and the sedums are giving that rhythm of structure thing that they do in the Pond Border.
The veg beds wait....
and Miss Havisham has moved out of the greenhouse, though if the temperature dips she could still return.
I end as ever on the pond, which is looking quite clear at the moment.  There are several newts swimming around and I await the first frogspawn.

Spring is in the air......

Thanks as ever to Helen for hosting this meme.


  1. Will your arch have a swing I wonder.

  2. So much promise in those buds. Exciting times!

    1. I love the promise of spring - its always exciting

  3. good to hear that you had no damage in the storm. Spring is certainly springing

    1. Certainly is. I hope the storm passed over you safely too?

  4. Thanks for sharing Alison.. Also a fan of Mme Alfred...Hope you'll show us when she's happily ensconced around her new arch...Onward to Spring : )

    1. Oh yes, there will be pictures when the arch is up. Mme Alfred is a great rose, she needs a good arch.

  5. I love forsythia, too! It's such a brilliant burst of yellow, just when everything is gray and dismal!

    1. Totally agree, its great this time of year.


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