An Easton afternoon

This time of year I enjoy myself hugely by visiting snowdrop gardens.  I am by no means a galanthophile,  but I love seeing these incredible carpets of snowdrops that appear like magic.  I always enjoy visiting Easton Walled Gardens  and it opens early in the year so that its wonderful snowdrops can be appreciated.  It is within an hour of home which means I can visit often.  On this afternoon I had been invited to the launch of the snowdrop season hosted by Lady Ursula Cholmeley so it was even more special than usual.
I love these snowdrop kokedama and hanging baskets that adorn the gateway into the gardens.  I think they are such a nice touch.
The snowdrops wind around the garden, down towards the river.  This bench is perfectly placed and the colour of snowdrops.
This turn on the river has a good showing of snowdrops flowering really well already.
Further along the river walk there is this bank of snowdrops,
and aconites.
plus the odd primrose making an early show.   We walked along, pointing out spring flowers to each other and just thoroughly enjoying the afternoon.
Whilst it was a sunny day, the shadows soon lengthen.  We spent a little time looking at the river than runs through the gardens.  Lady Ursula told us that the river had been re-directed at some point in the gardens history.  At times, when it is very full, it does try to revert to its original course.
There is of course more to Easton than snowdrops.  We could see that preparations for the sweet pea season were already well in progress.  Sweetpea week, which starts on the 2nd July 2017, is a must-visit week.  They have been growing sweetpeas at Eason since 2001 which is a timely reminder that these gardens have only been being restored since that year.  This adds very much to the charm of the gardens as each time you visit there is a bit more achieved and the garden has matured by another year.  So if you last went five years ago then you need to go again, the garden has moved on.
Lady Ursula took us into the area where the sweetpeas are currently overwintering.  Some will be planted out and some are sold in the plant sale area.  These grow outside all winter and are only protected against mice.
As Lady Ursula was talking to us I loved how she almost unconsciously affectionately patted the side of the trestle.
Whilst the sun still shone, the moon also made its presence felt.
I made sure I said hello to the giraffes who overee the garden.
and I stood in my favourite place to view the walled gardens.  I am not sure I will ever tire of this view.  The sun being low in the sky added beautifully to the atmosphere.
I went home clutching my Easton snowdrops, which are beautifully presented.  I have two areas of the garden where I plant only Easton snowdrops.  They are now clumping up rather well and always make me smile and think of happy times wandering around that garden.

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  1. Sounds like a fabulous afternoon! If snowdrops and aconites are out, then spring must surely follow shortly. We visited Easton when the sweet peas were at their best - and bought some seed, of course!

    1. Thanks - it was great. I buy sweetpeas from Easton too - it's rude not to :)


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