The Blackberry Tales 13 - The Devil's Ring-pull

I've recently been edging the borders, this is a patient and quite satisfying task.  It enabled me to tidy up the lines of the borders and smooth out some of the shapes to make them more pleasing.  Whilst doing this I was at times digging into where no one has dug for many years.  As I edged a long I heard that clunk that meant I had struck metal rather than stone.

I bent down to pick up what I had found.  It was a solid wodge of clay so I cleaned it off as best as I could with my hands.  I peered at it to work out what it could be.
I decided it must be the devil's ring-pull, probably from a tin of devil beer or maybe some devil soup that he had for lunch.  I am pretty sure that devil soup is celery soup as I am pretty sure it is evil stuff.   As he is the devil he just threw the ring pull over his shoulder and it landed in my garden.  It is solid and heavy as you would expect, a sturdy ring-pull from a sturdy tin.

and bearing in mind this is tale number 13, that has to be proof too of its unlucky origins.

Well what else could it be?


  1. I've been told that, once upon a time, a toll-house stood more or less in my garden. I used to dig up a fair bit of toll-house related stuff from one end which was fed to an archaeological society for identification. I found something like your find, though probably smaller (about 2" long). The diagnosis was that it was one of a set - the small hole held it onto some form of loop with others of differing sizes - and was a coin tester. Placing a coin into the large hole would indicate quickly, though crudely, whether it had been clipped and was, therefore, insufficient to pay the toll. Frankly, though, I prefer your explanation. And I like celery soup! :)


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