The Blackberry Tales 12 - A window onto the world

So there I was digging away, happy in my own little world when the spade snagged on a stone.  As is my habit and as I was taught by my gardening neighbours many years ago, I went to pick up the stone to throw it into the hedge.  One day in years to come I will be found behind a 20 foot wall of flung stones but my borders will be fine stone-free tilth;  however I digress.  As I stooped to pick up the stone I realised it was not what I thought.  I picked it up and at first thought it was a large bolt as there are many in the garden.  After a bit of a rub to remove the soil I realised two things. Firstly that it did not contain a genie and secondly that it was a window catch. 
But where and when was the window from?  What did it look out onto and who have looked through it?  Was it a window from another world?  A portal from my garden leading to who knows where?
Probably not, but I like my window catch.  I now wonder if I will find more? 


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