Product Review - Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel Edging Blade

I was sent the Wilkinson Sword Edging Blade to trial some weeks ago and I kept looking at it wondering when would be the day I would feel it was right to give it a go.  I have never owned an edging tool before and that was part of why I chose it. I was interested to know if it really had any advantage on just using a spade to do the same job.  It turns out a grey day in January was going to be the day.  It was the perfect opportunity as I felt like I was getting the garden ready for the new year's growing season.

Except there was question number one, having never owned one previously I was not completely certain on how to use it.  As I was not certain on how to use it, then I was not looking to buy one as I could not see it's advantages; it became quite a circular internal discussion.  Luckily there is an internet site (youtube) where people post all sorts of useful (and not-useful) videos including several on how to use a lawn edging blade.  It may not surprise you there is no great art to this and how I thought it should be used was pretty much how it is. It was useful nonetheless just to check. 
The blade itself is super shiny which means it cuts through the turf/soil with ease. The lip means you stop at the lawn height each time, simple but effective.  I soon found I was nipping along the border.  The blade itself being stainless steel means that my clay soil did not stick to it and it was very easy to clean at the end of the day.
This tool is ideal for me as I have yet to really work on edging my borders. This is because they keep growing and changing shape so I need to be able to be flexible. This tool will help me create more of a definite edge which will also hopefully mean less grass invading the borders. I now wish I had had one of these years ago.
The handle is made of ash and is well shaped to make it easy to use. This tool has a ten year guarantee and it certainly feels solid enough to last that long.  It retails at just under £30 and it feels like it is worth that amount.  It is solid and the reputation of Wilkinson Sword certainly makes me feel it is not going to break in a hurry.  

It is of course a luxury for me to be able to trial this blade as I have not had to pay for it.  Had I known how useful it is I would have bought one ages ago. Yes you  probably can do the same task with a spade, but this blade is light and purpose-shaped and as I mentioned above it has the little lip that keeps the depth correct.  I think it is easier and speedier with something purpose designed.

You can expect to see better edged borders in my garden from now on.