Suddenly there is some real movement in the garden.  Not that it ever stops growing completely, but now there is a sense of stirring and growth.  That pause between autumn and spring (usually referred to as winter) is starting to end.  I am not calling spring yet, we are still in January and we are not through the snow-zone yet.  But there are signs of the first signs, real signs.
The first snowdrops just need a tiny bit more sun to flower.
The first cyclamen is also flowering.  I love these little pink flowers. I have planted quite a few clumps in the garden.  I usually buy a couple of pots of them every spring.  I keep whispering to them to think about naturalising but at the moment they are resisting seeding around.

Now flowers are great at this time of year and I love every one that starts to show its face, but somehow even more exciting are the signs of the start of growth.
That moment when you can see that the roses are start to push out into the world.
The peeks of green on shrubs,
even on a frosty day there is no mistaking life is returning.
There will soon be some early blossom,
The cherry trees buds are fattening up.
and there are signs of movement in the shielded leaves of the tulip tree.
I love this moment when you can see the garden is on the cusp.  Just a little more light per day, just a little more warmth and just a little more sun.  Yes are still in January and winter has some time to go yet; but the garden teaches us more than just patience, it teaches us hope.


  1. It's good to see. I need every last hint of Spring that I can get!

    1. Same here - it's always good when it feels like spring might be in its way.

  2. Wonderful, it won't be long now, winter is almost over!

  3. Wonderful. So cheerful. Won't be long :) x


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