Tree following December - a new light has fallen

For two years now I have been following this quince tree, praising it, criticising it and generally alternating between hopeful optimism and bemoaning the lack of quinces.  At this time of year I pause and admire the sheer beauty of its leaves.  The red veining that becomes apparent as the colour drains from the foliage.
This is a truly stunning tree and deserves to finish the year with admiration.
A bit of encouragement can go a long way and if this tree ne'er bears a quince it still deserves its place in my garden.
I hope I never get tired of admiring the detail, of enjoying the little things (rule #37).

I feed the tree with liquid seaweed and in very dry months it will get the odd bucket of water.  This autumn though I have given it a little prune.  It is not a big tree but I have opened up the centre of the tree more to allow Monty's imaginary pigeons to fly through more easily.
I have also removed the large overhanging branch from the neighbouring field maple.  This has allowed new light to flood into this corner of the garden.  It might not produce a quince, but who knows, it might.  Either way I feel I am giving it its best chance.  Here's to 2017 and whatever it may bring.

Thanks as ever to Squirrelbasket for hosting this meme - more trees can be found here


  1. They really are striking...Good luck with those pigeons : )

  2. Colourful leaves at least :)

  3. Lovely little tree - and hopefully the light will do it good and next year will be the one for a quince?
    Thanks for sharing all year :)


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