Product Review: Forest Deep Root Planter

I was asked by the nice people at Garden Site if I would like to review something from one of theeir Grow Your Own related range.  I chose to try the Forest Deep Root Planter as I had been looking for something similar to this as an addition to my vegetable raised beds.  The delivery went very smoothly and this is always a good thing.

The planter arrives in several pieces and I knew that I needed to put it together where it would ultimately be placed.  The planter is not small and the wood is very solid, you do not want to move it once it is put together.
You might notice that Bruce had decided it was a nice place to sit.  I had to shoo him off so I could move the planter.
I laid out the pieces ready to put together.
You might notice that I had constant help with this.
The planter is easy to put together, I constructed it in around thirty minutes with no help other than a cat that kept needing moving.  It is easier to construct with two people as there is that moment when you need to balance things together in order to fit the sides together.  I was really pleased at how easily it went together.
There it is completed.  I then needed to fill it with compost.  Luckily I had some made made compost ready for this.  It would be quite expensive to buy compost to fill it as it is large.  This does have to be factored in as a consideration.  I also have to mention that the wood is quite rough, it is not smoothly planed.  I did not see this as particularly a problem and at the price (see below) I think it is extremely good value.
and there it is, filled and ready to plant up.  The sticks are cat-deterrant branches as fond as I am of Bruce, I do not wanting him thinking it is his to use as he pleases.

I am really pleased with this planter, really pleased.  It is perfect for growing all sorts of vegetables in and it will be easy to keep in control.  I am also hoping that as it contains rather nice un-stony compost that I might be able to grow carrots in it next year.  I will let you know.  The price is really very reasonable, as I am writing this it is retailing at £79.99, which is a reduced price as it is in the sale.

The Forest Deep Root Planter can be found here:


  1. Looks good, might be useful for carrots or a cat bed.

  2. Good value. Thanks for the review. I especially love your gorgeous Bruce photos. Made me smile. x


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